GDK Preview and Android Studio


Earlier this week, the much anticipated Glass OS update was announced. The Glass team skipped three revisions and called it XE16. Only a day or two later, it started to appear on devices. At the same time, Google released the GDK that goes along with it so that developers could start updating their Glassware. The new GDK, dubbed ‘GKD Preview’ instead of GDK Sneak Peek, was released with the Android SDK API 19 because XE16 runs KitKat (Android 4.4.x). That was extremely good news because... (more...)

Glass on the Campaign Trail


As Glass starts making it into the hands of more and more people, we will begin seeing some interesting ways that the device will be used. One such interesting use popped up on my Google+ feed the other day. The capability of recording from a first person point of view makes for some interesting videos. John Campbell, a candidate for Congress from San Diego, CA, will be doing just that throughout his campaign. He plans to not only post videos from his campaign stops, but also about life in his... (more...)

Open Letter to Apple


Dear developers of the iTunes App Store, First, let me say that I am a big fan of Apple and its products. I have been a fan of the Mac since it came out in 1984. I have used one almost daily except for those times where my day job has required that I have a Windoze machine. I love my iPad and while I carry an Android phone, the rest of my family have iPhones and iPods. However, as a mobile developer, I am extremely frustrated. This past weekend, I spent most of my time monitoring the app store... (more...)

Review : RO GPLC frames and GOLD lenses


If you wear prescription glasses, being able to use Glass effectively can be a real challenge. It took me a week or so to figure out just how to put them on so that they would work with my prescription frames. Even then, I couldn’t see the Glass display very well and many times, I saw double because of the position of the display in relation to my prescription lenses. Earlier this year, three companies announced frames suitable for prescription lenses for Glass. Google announced four frames... (more...)

Review : Glass Frame Vendors


Ever since it was announced that Rochester Optical would be creating frames for Glass, I’ve been waiting with baited breath to see what will come about. But my experience the last few weeks has taught me that while frame and lens choice will be important, customer service may be a differentiator in the success of vendors wanting to provide frames and lenses for Glass. There are essentially three vendors that offer frames for Glass today: Google, Rochester Optical, and Wetley from Optics Planet. My... (more...)

Days with Glass – Day 100 – A Retrospective


This is a continuation of my 30 Days with Glass blog series documenting my experiences living with Google Glass. Today was my 100th day with Glass. It is has been an interesting adventure and I have thoroughly enjoyed being a technology pioneer. Here are some thoughts after the first 100 days: The Future is Here Wearables are the future. Glass won’t be the only computer you wear like glasses and certainly won’t be the only wearable computer. Wearables like Fitbit, Samsung’s... (more...)

My First Glassware – Vignette Postcards

Ok, Glass.  Create a Postcard

Ever since the GDK came out a few months ago, I’ve been playing around with various little projects. But it wasn’t until an idea popped into my head that I was able to really develop my first useable Glassware. In early December, Virginia Poltrack released an app that allowed you to download images to your Glass to use as holiday vignettes for Glass. She created images for Happy Holidays, Happy New Year, and Farewell 2013, among others. I thought this was a brilliant idea and a creative... (more...)

Glass with Prescription Frames

With Glass

When I was invited to be a Glass Explorer, I was definitely excited, but a bit apprehensive because I wear prescription glasses. I asked the Glass team if I would be able to try any prescription glass prototypes that they had coming, but they said didn’t have anything available yet. Even worse, they said that I should get contacts. I love Google, but that second comment struck me as 1) poor customer service, 2) alienating a key customer base, and 3) arrogant that they think they could dictate... (more...)

GDK and the Android Emulator


In mobile development, vendors provide emulators so that developers don’t have to have physical devices to run their apps. Eventually, the app will have to be tested on a physical device, but thankfully, that generally isn’t necessary during most phases of development. However, that hasn’t been the case with developing for Glass. I believe this to be conscious choice on Google’s part because Glass is such a new form factor, and new paradigm in general, that it is difficult... (more...)

Days with Glass – Day 62 – Lego League and Famous Dave’s

Me at Famous Dave's

This is a continuation of my 30 Days with Glass blog series documenting my experiences living with Google Glass. One of my goals when I got Glass was to wear them to Lego League competitions. Today was my third. I have been approached several times at each tournament and have enjoyed talking to people about it. Glass is made for events like this because you can capture moments you would normally miss due to not getting a camera (phone or otherwise) out in time. On the way home from the tournament,... (more...)